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Custom Pantries

Girl's custom reach-in closet.

RAK can custom your kitchen and pantry as well. We can create a beautiful place for you to display and store your wines or design a reach-in or walk-in pantry that will fit an amazing amount of products neatly. Pullout shelves and baskets make keeping everything organized even easier.


Check the gallery below closely and watch for pullout spice racks, tea baskets, wine shelves, can racks, leather-covered basket fronts, adjustable height shelves and many other interesting features.














  • custom pantry wine slideouts custom pantry wine slideouts lg
  • custom pantry scoop drawers 2 custom pantry scoop drawers 2 lg
  • pantry spice shelves 3 pantry spice shelves 3 lg
Custom pantry with wine racks, spice racks and slideouts.   Neat custom reach-in pantry with white shelving.   Sliding spice racks, wine racks and baskets.
  • pantry can racks 4 pantry can racks lg
  • custom pantry 5 custom pantry 5 lg
  • custom pantry 6 custom pantry 6 lg
Can racks and baskets with leather wraps.   A place for everything in this walk-in pantry.   A variety of colors and finishes.





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